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Climate Heroes – the book


The Climate Heroes book is the story of 8 ordinary heroes who took thousands of others with them to preserve the planet. Concrete and effective, these individual initiatives are examples of how to build a model of society.

With this book, we invite you to become an actor of change! The book is built around the 4 key words that punctuated their journey, as for all mythical heroes: The Call / The Commitment / The Path / The Renewal. Pages left blank in each chapter allow you to write down your ideas to take action for the planet. The notion of heroes has evolved since Antiquity and Greek and Latin mythology: modern heroes are citizens like you and me, who commit themselves in the name of and in the service of their community and the planet.

“What Maxime Riché understood, and what I have always believed, is that the strength of a photo comes from the message it conveys. I was moved by the way he made his subjects proud of their commitment: Climate Heroes thus participated in a virtuous circle, highlighting these important initiatives, giving their authors a deserved recognition and the desire to commit themselves even more, to transmit their passion around them. ”

Excerpt from the foreword by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, photographer, filmmaker, president of the Goodplanet Foundation and member of the French Academy of Fine Arts.


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    256 pages. 17x23cm.

    For more than 10 years, Maxime Riché and the Climate Heroes project team have been traveling around the world (while monitoring their carbon emissions!) to meet the Climate Heroes. Every day, these men and women, ordinary citizens, are committed to reducing the impact of our activities on the environment.

    This small manifesto of ecological commitment is intended as a tool for sharing and inspiration. It needs you to pass it on, and thus inspire hundreds, thousands of people to action!


    Peter Caton
    Luke Duggleby
    Maxime Riché

    Maxime Riché, based on original texts by Maxime Riché, Laurence Butet-Roch, and Sunnie Groeneveld

    Marion Comte

    Pauline Bonis
    Lucy Tardivel

    Agathe Kalfas


    To print the book, we will only use noble materials and paper from sustainably managed forests in accordance with FSC and PEFC standards, in order to limit its footprint on the environment.

    The paper

    The papers selected, Arctic Volume White 130g and Munken Polar Rough 250g, come from the Swedish paper manufacturer Arctic Paper which has been working for many years to reduce its carbon footprint. This paper mill is one of the most ecological in the world.

    In addition to low water consumption, it has some of the lowest effluent figures in the industry. The production of one kilogram of this paper requires only 3 liters of water, compared to 16 liters consumed elsewhere, and the water discharged into the fjord is virtually free of foreign matter.


    The printing and finishing of the book will be done on the same site, in France. The printer uses water-based inks. With this technology, three times less ink is deposited on the paper than with traditional offset technologies and without any chemical rejection. This technique also consumes less paper (less waste). Finally, the unitary film that protects the book will be organic: 100% recyclable and composed of 52% bio-sourced polymers.

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