Climate Heroes

Climate Heroes is a project and an NGO I founded in 2010, with the aim to provide inspiring examples of women and men who already started acting to mitigate climate change.

From the everyday citizen to the officials involved in media or politics, the Climate Heroes can inspire us in our daily life, and help us change our behavior while making the task of mitigating climate change more humanly reachable. Gathered within one single project, they are the people who strive to understand, anticipate or limit the impacts of climate change.

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V, travailleur à la ferme du Bec Hellouin, repique des boutures sur une butte de permaculture protégée par des plants de celeri destinés à constituer un "paillage" pour enrichir la terre.
Isatou Ceesay pose pour un portrait sur le site de la décharge de Brikama, en périphérie de Banjul, capitale de la Gambie. Plus grosse décharge en opération en Gambie, ce site est l'un des points de récolte des déchets plastiques pour Women Initiative The Gambia, l'organisation qu'Isatou a créée pour permettre aux femmes de son pays d'atteindre une indépendance financière tout en prenant part à la préservation de leur environnement. // Banjul, The Gambia. Isatou Ceesay poses for a portrait on the Brikama, dumpsite, in the periphery of Banjul, capital of The Gambia. This site is one of the site where she and the women of Women Initiative The Gambia pick up plastic waste, in order to transform it into handmade goods later sold to international partner shops. While providing invome to 2,000 women throughout The Gambia as of today, this also contributes to cleaning the environment: women from the group also go around to educate citizens about the need to recycle waste to protect our environment.
Portrait of a beneficiary of the Liter of Light systems in a village north of Manila, the Philippines