Climate Heroes

Climate Heroes is a project and an NGO I founded in 2010, with the aim to provide inspiring examples of women and men who already started acting to mitigate climate change.

From the everyday citizen to the officials involved in media or politics, the Climate Heroes can inspire us in our daily life, and help us change our behavior while making the task of mitigating climate change more humanly reachable. Gathered within one single project, they are the people who strive to understand, anticipate or limit the impacts of climate change.

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Benoit Lavigueur is a 29-year-old Canadian carpenter who, over the course of six years, built the house of his dreams. The house, constructed from recyclable and local building materials, is 90% energy-saving and has a platinum LEED certification, making it the most ecologically-friendly house in all of Québec. “I built this house to prove to people that anybody can do it.”
Bren Smith manoeuvers Otter, the flatboat used to reach his larger fishing boat Mookie, in Stony Creek. Bren Smith manoeuvre Otter, la barque utilisée pour rejoindre Mookie, le plus gros bateau de pêche, à Stony Creek.
Joe Justice poses for a portrait in the Wikispeed workshop, with two recent car prototypes built by himself and Wikispeed volunteers, the most efficient of which achieved 100miles per gallon of gas. The Wikispeed workshop is located in Lynnwood, in the norther suburban area of Seattle, USA