Climate Heroes

Climate Heroes is a project and an NGO I founded in 2010, with the aim to provide inspiring examples of women and men who already started acting to mitigate climate change.

It has since grown into a collaborative photography and video movement, and an educational essay for the public, with contributing photographers based in over 7 countries. We aim to shed the light on the people who stand out by their values and actions, along with the solutions they try to promote.

From the everyday citizen to the officials involved in media or politics, the Climate Heroes can inspire us in our daily life, and help us change our behavior while making the task of mitigating climate change more humanly reachable. Gathered within one single project, they are the people who strive to understand, anticipate or limit the impacts of climate change.

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Portrait of Sriyadi, 47 years old at the time of the sitting, worker in the Sinar Gallih fruit and coffee cooperative. Sriyadi is a former illegal logger who reconverted to sustainable agroforestry practices.
Erik Andersen, farmer, poses in front of his tractor, which he modified to work on a canola seed oil engine